canary values

Every spool of canary thread contains the values that make it unique.

The organic cotton base is grown in India, the world’s largest organic cotton producing country.

All the dyeing is done in canary’s inner-city workshop, using traditional methods and all-natural materials.

Many of the dye plants, like woad and dyer’s chamomile, are cultivated next to the dye pot. They are watered from the rain barrels that also fill the vats.

yarrow, a traditional dye plant, beside butterfly weed, a pollinator and monarch magnet

The garden beds were reclaimed in a small yard that was previously completely covered with deck planks.

hints of glowing red-orange madder roots, which take several years to mature

No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used. Pollinator insects and other bugs surround the plants, along with little brown birds and urban wildlife.

Other dyestuffs are foraged. Only abundant native species like sumac, black walnut and goldenrod, taking care not to disturb their continued renewal.

Canary never forages or uses lichens.

a nice clean trove of roadside black walnuts
goldenrod is not a weed in canary’s world

Thread skeins are made by treadle power, rigged up with parts salvaged from old sewing machines and yarn handling gear.

Finished colours are individually wound onto cardboard tubes, using other re-purposed vintage machines.

Each spool reflects reverence for the magic of natural colours, and respectful interactions with the natural world.

One strand of canary thread puts all these gifts in your hands.