canary mask & pattern

Considering the limitations of a cloth mask, I don’t think the front seam in this style affects permeability, and it allows for a more comfortable shape and better coverage along the top. Small tucks keep the lower edge under and around your chin. 2022 Update: With new guidance discouraging of the use cloth masks alone,…… Continue reading canary mask & pattern

sewing with the birds

It is nice to set up the treadle machine outside. Canary thread works well in the made-in-Guelph Raymond, which has a shuttle style bobbin. The peacock decals on the machine bed have worn off. The leather belt needed tightening. These pliers are made to cut hide belts (industrial ones are thicker and were originally buffalo),…… Continue reading sewing with the birds

boro time

Love of handstitching, indigo, Japanese textiles and mending inevitably leads to boro, from the Japanese boroboro – something tattered or repaired. It was traditionally done with hemp. I adapted it for my merino wool jersey tights, using scraps dyed with indigo, sumac and black walnuts. Boro is historically associated with peasant farm workers, who patched…… Continue reading boro time