canary masks

It seems mask wearing is here to stay. Canary masks are a lot different than the accordion and beak styles most commonly seen. They’re very comfortable, and all organic. Everything about the materials and fit is on the canary mask page.     Each available colour has a listing in the menu. Make sure to…… Continue reading canary masks

make natural hand moisturizer

Ground organic oatmeal and walnut oil works for me. Organic oats are the best, the quick kind grind nicely. I do bigger batches, they’re a good substitute for flour in baking and pancakes. Add some water to a few spoonfuls on low heat, stirring and mashing to make a paste. It only takes a minute.…… Continue reading make natural hand moisturizer

andrà tutto bene-stock

I dug out and scanned a photo I took in April 2003, of Spadina Avenue in the midst of the SARS in Toronto. Of course this sidewalk is normally packed with people. There’s lots of media coverage of SARS now.  Looking back in 2013 had a different tone. SARS traced back to wild animal restaurants…… Continue reading andrà tutto bene-stock

andrà tutto bene

I embroidered this version of the Emblem of the Republic of Italy for Mattia Bigi, one of the first to get in touch when I started making westernwear. The “Hombre” jacket was taken off one Lee Rocker wore, and named for his side project at the time, paying homage to ZZ Top. And the real…… Continue reading andrà tutto bene

Guided Visits Through All the History of Art II

Last month, a picture was newly attributed to Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi – adding another to her masterful range of biblical gore – David and Goliath, previously credited to a man who was a student of her father’s. Rushing though the Baroque at the Detroit Art Institute last summer, I was stopped in my…… Continue reading Guided Visits Through All the History of Art II