sewing with the birds

It is nice to set up the treadle machine outside. Canary thread works well in the made-in-Guelph Raymond, which has a shuttle style bobbin. The peacock decals on the machine bed have worn off. The leather belt needed tightening. These pliers are made to cut hide belts (industrial ones are thicker and were originally buffalo),…… Continue reading sewing with the birds

difficult people make beautiful things

CBC overnight was on in the background. The words “difficult people make beautiful things” caught my ear. Monocle24 (prop Canadian Tyler Brule) was talking to Montreal native Willo Perron. His work is everywhere. Starting with fellow Montrealer Dov Charney’s American Apparel stores. He’s done many projects with Florence + the Machine. It’s not all flowers…… Continue reading difficult people make beautiful things

Goethe’s mystic colour theory

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe published Theory of Colours in 1810.  He disagreed with Isaac Newton’s famous 1672 optical spectrum analysis, and was more interested in how colour is perceived. Enlightenment artists and scientists were very engaged with quantifying colour. In 1708, French painter Claude Boutet based the above wheels on Newton’s findings. In 1775, Austrian…… Continue reading Goethe’s mystic colour theory

why aren’t there all-natural winter coats?

Searching for one yields catch words like ethical, sustainable, eco, responsible, non-toxic, vegan, fair trade, organic. Yet the details under the slogans include nylon, “cozy polyester faux fur” and much recycled PET plastic. For every headline about the global rag trade trying to green up, another chronicles its minuscule advances. Allergies to chemicals used throughout…… Continue reading why aren’t there all-natural winter coats?