canary clothes care

All Canary clothes can be machine washed and dried, in any temperature.

They will not shrink.

Because the fabrics are organic, any manufacturing finishes are water-soluble and rinse out. They do not contain formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals and permanent resins typically used on non-organic clothing.

canary bath

hemp underwear

Canary underwear comes in unbleached, undyed 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton jersey. The same styles are also available in 100% organic cotton jersey grown and milled in the USA.

HOC lo rise elastic brief short - Crop

These ones are hemp jersey lo-rise brief-shorts, with a latex-free elastic waist.

taped brief hemp flat 2 - Crop

The same cut is also made with an organic cotton tape waistband and buttoned opening, completely free of elastic and synthetic. There’s a hi-rise version, too.

x-lo rise brief short HOC - Crop  x-lo rise brief short HOC b - Crop

These are extra-low brief shorts with latex-free elastic. All styles have a gusset lined with organic cotton, and are sewn with 100% cotton thread.

HOC hi rise panty flat - Crop

The panties have no elastic around the leg openings, just a flat band of fabric. These are hi-rise, with a latex-free elastic waist. Super comfy.

HOC mens trunks - Crop

And the men’s trunks with latex-free elastic waist.

Canary fabrics never have any added lycra. Everything is machine washable and will not shrink.




organic camisoles and panties

Canary’s dye-free, USA grown and milled organic cotton camisoles are pre-shrunk and sewn with 100% cotton thread.

large v lace fitted cami

This one has a v-neck trimmed with organic cotton lace, and fits close to the body. Find more details in the CanaryShop listing.

Match with panties in the same organic cotton jersey, these are hi-rise with a wide latex-free elastic waistband.

large hi rise panty OC (1)

large hi rise panty OC (2)

The leg opening is finished with a band of fabric (no elastic), stitched to stay flat with wearing and washing. They also come in lo-rise and bikini cuts. See more pictures and sizing info in the CanaryShop.

All Canary garments are hand-crafted in Canada, and fully machine washable.