Isabel Toledo, 59

Barack Obama Is Sworn In As 44th President Of The United States

On January 9, 2009, Michelle Obama wore “The Lemongrass Outfit” Cuban-American Isabel Toledo designed, when she and President-Elect Barack walked through the crowds on Pennsylvania Avenue before he took the oath of office.


“There is nothing that comes close to this moment,” Toledo told the AP. “It’s not just my moment and hers, but it’s the world’s. It’s not only what she’s wearing. It’s what the moment represents.”

scott MacIntyre for New York times
Isabel and Ruben Toledo in 2017. Scott MacIntyre, New York Times.

Isabel Toledo described her work as “romantic mathematics”.



isabel toledo tubejacketfront via museum at fit











“Uninterested in the limelight or in logos, Ms. Toledo was a rarity in the modern fashion world.”

toledo garment district
Toledo dress in the NY garment district


Nudie’s sewing machine

Nudie the Rodeo Tailor in his Shop

Nudie Cohn in his workshop. The embroidery panels on the table are similar to one of Robert Redford’s suits in 1979’s Electric Horseman. Young apprentice Manuel Cuevas, (who recently turned 86) is at the pressing table.


The machine behind Nudie is now at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

nudie's machine

Without knowing it was the same model, I got this one off Kijiji Kitchener for 75.00 about ten years ago.


The serial number says it belongs to a lot of 15,000 made in November 1948.