about canary organic masks

elastic loops (1)

  • breathable, comfortable, synthetic-free
  • all organic cotton fabrics, all natural colours and dyes
  • three-layer front
  • organic cotton-covered, latex-free elastic ear loop option

3 d mask natural cotton loop

  • three dimensional pattern fits around the face and creates space in front, keeping the mask dry and away from your mouth
  • single piece folded design with third front layer stitched inside
  • sewn-in aluminum nose bar makes a snug fit
  • easy to alter
  • will not shrink or lose its shape
  • fabric thoroughly pre-washed (without detergent) in hot water, and machine dried
  • high quality construction, organic cotton thread

two sizes – “regular” fits most faces, and “small” is for smaller or young adults

mask boiling
boiling briefly is a good washing method

washing: my preferred method (said to be effective by public health experts) is a couple very hot rinses in a bowl, and hang to dry. They also stand up fine to a dunk in boiling water.

kraft envelope (1)

storing and carrying: I hear paper bags recommended for mask storage and carrying. Canary’s stitched kraft paper folders work the same way, only easier and nicer to use.

mask loops

Masks are currently available in natural undyed, natural colourgrown check, and natural hand-dyed indigo. Earloops are either narrow elastic, or custom-made organic cotton-covered latex- free elastic.

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