canary dyes and materials

Everything is made from 100% natural fibres.

All colours are individually hand dyed in Guelph, Canada with natural dyes.

Natural dye means: no synthetically derived colour sources.

Mordants, assists and modifiers are plant based, like tannin, or typical food grade ingredients, like alum, cream of tartar, vinegar, and slaked lime.

The only metal mordant/modifier is iron. Canary never uses historically common, highly toxic metal mordants like tin or chrome.

For indigo dyeing, Canary uses natural indigo powder (not pre-reduced or synthetic) in what’s known as an “organic” vat. Vats are never reduced with thiorea dioxide.

Any foraged plant materials are abundant local species, like sumac, goldenrod, and black walnut.

Canary does not use lichens.

Canary thread is 100% organic cotton, grown and spun in India. It has no waxes or coatings.

Canary fabrics are either 100% organic cotton, or hemp, or other natural fibres. The organic cotton is traceable back to growers in India and Texas.

Canary flies in the direction of kingpinstransformers white paper “Where We Stand on Cotton”, in regard to global textile production, particularly organic cotton and hemp, and roosts on their position that “sustainability means nothing without data”.

Borders painting
border canaries, c.1890