canary mask & pattern

I like this style. For a cloth mask, I don’t think the front seam affects permeability, and it allows for a more comfortable shape along the top edge. Small tucks keep the lower edge under and around your chin.

The outer of these is a fairly tight woven, natural dyed cotton. The lining is a light organic knit. A woven lining would also work fine.

Cotton tape open at one end, stitched close to the edge on the inside makes a casing for the nose bar.

I made “third layer” inserts of dense cotton woven. They also stay in place without being inside the lining.

Here’s an image file of the pattern and liner, on standard size paper. It fits a smaller adult face.

My only sewing suggestion is, after the centre seam, stitch and understitch the top edge and press. Check the bottom edges before sewing them together – the lining should be about 1/8″ shorter than the outer. Trim if necessary, stitch inside-out and turn.

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