sewing with the birds

sewing w birds robin

It is nice to set up the treadle machine outside.

Canary thread works well in the made-in-Guelph Raymond, which has a shuttle style bobbin.

sewing w birds peacocks

The peacock decals on the machine bed have worn off.

The leather belt needed tightening. These pliers are made to cut hide belts (industrial ones are thicker and were originally buffalo), make holes in the ends and squeeze the metal link closed. They came with another old machine, from Detroit.

The treadle is good for patchwork, I wanted to try some with this bunch of indigo dyed hemp and organic cotton pieces, and indigo dyed thread.

There’s quite a few resident cardinals around. Mostly the male sings, but sometimes the fawn coloured females do too. I read singing stakes out territory.

They both do a peeping call, a locator and also warning of dangers like killer cats.

sewing birds patches (1)

This is the patchwork. I need to dye a piece for backing. All the different shades look great together.

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