country classic indigo revival


This is the indigo vat I revived on Sunday morning, while listening to Country Classics with Nan, 9-12 on 106.7 FM Kitchener. It wasn’t looking nearly this good starting out with East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed from the 1977 Burt Reynolds blockbuster Smokey and The Bandit.

Stirring up the old sludge to Marty Robbins’ version of Gordon Lightfoot’s Ribbon of Darkness.

Joe Diffie’s Pick Up Man came on as I checked the PH. RIP Joe, victim of Covid-19.

Alabama’s 40 Hour Week was Nan’s salute to all the workers facing the Corona Virus.

The vat turns green to 1950’s Blue Canadian Rockies (on RCA Bluebird) by Nova Scotia’s Wilf Carter, Swiss yodeller extraordinaire.

wilf20150324130350-Untitled-15 copy__57961.1557803495wilf k telDownTheOldCattleTrail

The cotton comes out bright green, and as it re-oxidizes in the air, turns to blue.


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