difficult people make beautiful things


CBC overnight was on in the background. The words “difficult people make beautiful things” caught my ear. Monocle24 (prop Canadian Tyler Brule) was talking to Montreal native Willo Perron. His work is everywhere. Starting with fellow Montrealer Dov Charney’s American Apparel stores. He’s done many projects with Florence + the Machine.

Screenshot (198)

Screenshot (199)

It’s not all flowers and nature for Perron, but works perfectly for F+tM.

Screenshot (201)

He’s always referencing other artists, like another Montrealer, wunderkind Xavier Dolan, for “world building” – doing scripts, directing, costumes and more, all himself.

Florence-and-the-Machine h as h 2018

Perron says “ugh” at rampant over-use of the word “creative”. He admits arguing with his clients, like Jay-Z, or St Vincent. And adds another tru-ism: “What we love about artists is the permissions to just fucking change course”

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