why aren’t there all-natural winter coats?

Searching for one yields catch words like ethical, sustainable, eco, responsible, non-toxic, vegan, fair trade, organic.

coat 1 - Copy

Yet the details under the slogans include nylon, “cozy polyester faux fur” and much recycled PET plastic.

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For every headline about the global rag trade trying to green up, another chronicles its minuscule advances. Allergies to chemicals used throughout the supply chain are on a steep increase, as are adverse environmental impacts.

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I found the last of some organic, undyed wool on a back shelf. Cotton tape, Swiss-made metal tooth Riri zippers tarnish a bit when dunked in natural dye but last like no other. Quality organic cotton lining and trims must be pre-shrunk.

coat 4 - Copy

Much taking apart, devising changes and reassembling went on for several seasons while wearing it unfinished. But at the end of the line is a truly all-natural, washable, non-toxic coat that will never need to be replaced.

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